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I'm Shlomi (He/Him) from Israel. I started moderating online communities on Discord 7 years ago while playing video games and combining both gaming & moderation together. Nowadays you can find me shaping the platform by moderating, bug hunting & collaborating with known companies.I play games such as VALORANT & FiveM (Nopixel WL) and I also have my own Discord Server - feel welcome to join!

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Shlomi's Portfolio

During my years online & on Discord, I have had so many unique opportunities to collaborate with a variety of servers and organizations with moderation, administration, support and community management. My main idea was to ensure communities remained a safe place for users and to create a joyful environment.Below you can check out servers I have taken or currently am taking part and learn about what I have done for all of these communities. You may find out the communities comes in different sizes & topics and that is what I have done throughout many years which was to go and experience other communities and grow my experience.

📨 Contact Information: shlomi@valc.gg | @shlomi on Discord | @ac_shlomi on Twitter

VALORANT Discord (Riot Games)

June 2022 — Present

Discord Admin / Community Moderation Lead

playvalorant.com | discord.gg/valorant | discord.gg/valorantlfg

I am an administrator over at the VALORANT Discord leading a team of 80 moderators across 2 communities consisting of 1,750,000 users (VALORANT & VALORANT LFG), I handle the recruiting & onboarding of moderators and maintain the moderation team as well as ensure the community’s moderation is up to date with any events that require immediate or long term moderation.Part of my extra responsibilities is to assist the community manager with social/community updates such as publishing patch notes to the server as well as keeping the community standards up to date.

Discord Town Hall (Discord)

December 2022

Snowgiving Discord Moderator

discord.com | discord.gg/discord-townhall

During Snowgiving 2022, I assisted Discord with community moderation as well as ensuring the events Discord planned for Town Hall go smoothly in terms of user assistance, guidance and bad-actor moderation.

Rule One

September 2022 — Present

Lead, Community Moderation Success

ruleone.gg | discord.gg/ruleone

At Rule One I work alongside the community managers and build moderation tools, and provide bots to assist community events and safety. I am mainly in charge of the moderators as well as community events.


Feburary 2023 — Present

Owner / Founder

valorant-il.com | discord.gg/valorantil

I took it upon myself to create a VALORANT community for the Israeli user base and created VALORANT IL. I’ve built the server from the ground, and strengthened the security to ensure the new user experience is maximized to its best. The server collaborated with the official VALORANT Discord in order to advertise a safe game space for the country.

Counter Strike 2

September 2023 — Present

Discord Admin / Community Moderation Lead

counter-strike.net | discord.gg/counterstrike-2

To be added.

Spacestation Gaming

July 2022 — February 2023

Moderation Lead / Head Moderator

spacestationgaming.com | discord.gg/ssg

At SSG I was in charge of leading the moderation team and developing moderation guidelines. I coordinated with the community manager to fulfill the safety of the Discord community. I was involved with managing the moderation team, moderating content and leading community events.


January 2023 — Present


deceit.gg | discord.gg/deceit

I help moderating the Discord community for Deceit. This includes providing user support, removing bad actors and assisting the community manager with their needs.

The Pulse Clan

December 2019 — August 2022

Community Manager

pulse-clan.com | discord.gg/pulseclan

I was in charge of managing the community as well as creating community-involved events and ways to collaborate between the community and the organization by growing the brand on the platform. During the time, I was also in charge of the backend work of things among the server, as such as bots, automated filter systems and more.


January 2020 — December 2022

Community Administrator


At REDLINE I mostly spent my time moderating in-game and enforcing our server rules, both in-game and in-Discord. This community is a GTA 5 Roleplay game related, so I had gotten experience moderating on other platforms such as in-game.


October 2017 — March 2020



Back in 2017, AlphaConsole used to be the fastest-growing Discord server, reaching 200k users during the early Discord days was one of the biggest accomplishments we’ve made. I was a Discord moderator, handling complex moderation situations, ban appeals and was in charge of the lower staff team (senior supports, support).

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